Why Clients Choose Us?

  • Our clients tell us that we are a low risk option for them. Being a private company we have no pressure to deliver quarterly results so we take on assignments only when we are confident in completing them. As a result, our assignment completion rate, which is a key performance indicator, is one of the highest in the industry - 100%.
  • Our clients tell us that we are swift in producing a slate of high quality short-listed candidates aligned to their hiring criteria. This is because we only work with a few clients at any point in time, investing more time per assignment resulting in our ability to operate with speed, but thoroughness for each time critical assignment.
  • Our clients tell we are value for money. They work directly with Doris, an experience consultant with track record. There is no hands-off to a Junior Consultant or Associate to execute. Doris personally executes the search assignment from beginning to end, reaches out to the candidates from the 1st call, screens candidates, collects feedback from both, client and candidate, assist in the negotiation of the offer and finally the transition.
  • Our clients like our advantage with the minimal off-limits restrictions compared to the larger search firms, the latter of which impact their access to otherwise highly qualified candidates.
  • Our clients recognise our reputation in our ability to execute highly confidential searches.

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