For Candidates

If you have high technology, clean tech or energy executive level experience with high quality companies, we welcome you to share your resume with us but you should have at least Director to Vice-President level experience, an orientation towards growth situations to be of high value to our clients.

You should be aware that our work is driven by client demand (specific mandates) and doesn’t always match executive candidate supply.

We will be delighted to contact you if one of our current search assignments is a possible fit.

We will strive to:

  • Keep the discussion confidential. Ours is a business of discretion. We will not expose anyone beyond our direct client without their prior consent and we will remind our clients as often as is appropriate, to do the same.
  • Tell you what we really think about the situation we are representing. We strive to represent compelling companies and opportunities but every situation has its flaws, and we try to be candid and open about these, constructively. We’ll give you a solid industry overview, our thinking about how our clients will succeed vs the competition and how the role you are exploring will impact that process.
  • Interview you against the job description and be thorough in our evaluation. You won’t waste your time interviewing for the wrong job or situation, just so that we can “keep clients busy”. If we don’t think you’re right, we’ll tell you early on.
  • Provide feedback that’s meaningful. We don’t coach candidates. We need them to succeed or fail in the interview process on their own merit. But to the extent that we can be helpful in providing useful feedback, we will do that and we try to be constructive every time.
  • Follow up with you. We won’t let you sit for weeks between meetings not know what’s happening.
  • Make this a painless process. We try and keep every engagement with a candidate to 30-45 days from start to finish. It won’t drag on for months and months with endless meetings. We know you have a “day job” and are a busy, engaged executive who doesn’t have a lot of time to waste.

Whether the end game is making you an offer or telling you we went a different direction and why, we won’t leave the dialogue open. We will close the loop properly and professionally.

Please send your resume to